Dave Samson on Data, Analytics and Digital PR at Chevron

Dave Samson, General Manager, Public Affairs, at Chevron and current Chairman of┬áThe Arthur W. Page Society, is one of the PR industry’s leaders in using big data and analytics. He’s also at the leading edge of digital PR. Dave agreed … Continue reading →

Most important thing to consider when measuring the impact of communications programs: Blog link

My friend and colleague Jose Mallabo interviewed me for his blog at: http://tinyurl.com/3oycde7. Jose is the director, corporate marketing, for GSI Commerce. Topics he asked about included: The single most important thing people need to remember when looking to measure … Continue reading →

Helping Your Organization Succeed in a Complex Environment

I recently had the good fortune to attend a short presentation by Sally Blount, the new Dean of the Kellogg Graduate School of Management. She spoke of the changing environment, new trends and issues that business schools and all organizations … Continue reading →

Three Kinds of Research You Should Do Before Evaluation

Evaluation is important, but it is not the research you should do first. What is the first research you should do to create a successful communications program? First, I define a successful communications program as one that drives behavior of … Continue reading →

PRSA Has Its MBA Initiative Backwards

In the Spring issue of PRSA’s The Public Relations Strategist there is an article by Ray Crockett, APR, and Anthony D’Angelo, APR, entitled “PRSA’s MBA Initiative.” The gist of the article is PRSA is trying to get MBA programs to … Continue reading →

Helping Your Organization Avoid its Demise

Yesterday was Sunday, and I could no longer stand the clutter in my office. So, I sorted and filed. Inevitably, I came across a number of items that called for some kind of action. One of these was the December, … Continue reading →

Another Way To Use Media Evaluation For Planning

MetLife and Echo Research won the 2009 Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award for excellence in public relations measurement and evaluation. This award identifies great examples of research and measurement integrated into public relations practice. IPR publishes winners as case studies … Continue reading →

The conversational medium

About a week ago I enjoyed a very stimulating discussion with some of my colleagues from the Institute for PR’s Commission on PR Measurement and Evaluation. We were talking about social media and how it is challenging to comment on … Continue reading →

Multiplier Claim Fraudulent

I just read a paper by David Michaelson and Don Stacks, colleagues of mine at the Institute for PR’s Commission on Measurement and Evaluation. They have done a series of experiments to determine whether there is any basis for the … Continue reading →