Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award Submission Deadline 8.1.2011

The Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award honors excellence in PR research, measurement and evaluation.  The award’s primary objective is to identify great examples of research used to support PR practice and to publish these case studies on the Institute for … Continue reading →

Multiplier Claim Fraudulent

I just read a paper by David Michaelson and Don Stacks, colleagues of mine at the Institute for PR’s Commission on Measurement and Evaluation. They have done a series of experiments to determine whether there is any basis for the … Continue reading →

Helping Your Organization Survive the Recession, While You Do the Same

A couple of weeks ago I attended a presentation by Professor Lakshman Krishnamurthi, who is the A. Montgomery Ward Professor of Marketing and chair of the Marketing Department of the Kellogg Graduate School of Management. His presentation was on competing … Continue reading →

Building Influence through Opposition (and Other) Research

Running Business Like a Political CampaignSince my last entry, I’ve been collecting information from colleagues to determine whether they ever have used “Opposition Research” or heard of its use in their work. Some of these folks think my topic really … Continue reading →

Four Great Ways To Use Research in 2009

For this first e-Letter of the year, I thought I’d offer some ways you might productively use research in the coming year. PlanningAs you may have gathered, I am a huge proponent of using research to plan and lay out … Continue reading →

Creating CEO Crib Sheets

Here is a research idea you might be able to use to make yourself more valuable to your boss and your position more secure. In virtually every selling situation, the seller has an advantage if he or she knows as … Continue reading →