Dave Samson on Organizing to Use Data and Analytics at Chevron

Here is the third (and for the time being, final) of my Blog posts with Dave Samson, General Manager, Public Affairs, at Chevron and current Chairman of The Arthur W. Page Society, answering questions about data, analytics and digital PR. To … Continue reading →

The Continuing Threat to PR/Communications from Management Consultants: McKinsey & Company on Reinventing External Affairs

I get e-mails from McKinsey & Company, including one that linked to this article on “Reinventing External Affairs.” The article notes in a bold headline: “A rising role for stakeholder engagement—and the business value at stake” as a finding after … Continue reading →

Reputation Management as Change Management

You may remember my post “Reputation is Built on Behavior” in which I argued that communications has very little to do with reputation, but the way an organization behaves does. I just read an article on the MIT Sloan Management … Continue reading →